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Ice Skating in an ancient atmosphere!

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

The Ice World Gala in Taormina was a truly breathtaking experience. Taormina's Greek Amphitheatre has always been a popular tourist attraction, but on this evening it became a true Winter Wonderland oasis.

The figure skaters were true masters of their craft and showed us with their performances how much passion and dedication they put into their sport. They glided elegantly across the ice and captivated us with their acrobatic jumps and fast pirouettes.

The audience was thrilled by the show and expressed their appreciation with thunderous applause. Even in the almost blazing heat of the amphitheatre, the atmosphere was frosty cold and you could almost feel like you were in the middle of an ice world.

The Ice World Gala in Taormina was a real highlight and I can only recommend everyone not to miss this unique show. I am sure that it will leave a lasting impression on you as well.

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