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Rent and Buy mobile Ice Rinks

Welcome to ICE-TEC, your expert for mobile ice skating rinks with real ice. Our passion for ice skating inspired us to establish a company specializing in the production, rental, and sale of mobile ice rinks and accessories.

Our innovative ice mat system is not only effective but also energy-efficient. It allows you to enjoy a mobile ice rink all year round, regardless of the season and outdoor temperature.

Since our founding, we have placed great importance on the quality of our ice rinks. That's why we produce them ourselves and work exclusively with reliable suppliers who provide us with high-quality materials. Through in-house production, we can ensure that every mobile ice rink meets our high standards and offers you a top-notch experience. Learn more about us and our story on our About Us page.

Whether you are looking for a mobile ice rink for a shopping mall, a town square, or a special event - we have the solution for you. Get inspired by our previous Ice Rinks and learn how we can make your vision come true.

Ice Skating is for the Young and the Old 

Our Ice Skating rinks are for everybody

At ICE-TEC, it's all about you and your needs. We take pride in creating unique winter experiences for families, friends, and children, while providing top-notch service. Explore our comprehensive offerings to find the perfect ice rink for your requirements. Take a look at some of the Ice Rinks we've set up.

Our Service for your Ice Rink

Rental and Sale of a complete Ice Rink Solution

At ICE-TEC, it's all about renting and selling mobile ice rinks that we create from real ice just for you. Our ice rinks are available all year round and adapt to any event. Whether it's a winter wonderland at a Christmas market or a year-round experience at a shopping center, our mobile ice rinks offer a complete solution for everything.

No matter if it's for figure skating or just for fun, our ice rink services for events provide you and your visitors with a unique experience. We support you from the beginning with comprehensive site analysis and consultation. Our time-saving quick assembly system allows for setup within a day, while our eco-friendly cooling technology saves up to 40% energy.

In addition, we equip your mobile ice rink with all the necessary equipment, such as ice skates, knee and elbow pads, helmets, and inflatable figures. Our penguins and elves as ice helpers ensure fun and safety on the ice for even the smallest visitors.

Our Services

Ice Rink

ICE-TEC mobile ice rinks can be custom made to meet the specific needs of our customers.


We offer assembly and disassembly services for the ice rinks. After maximum 48 hours the ice rink is ready for skating.

Site Analysis

Upon request, we can also conduct on-site inspections to ensure that the ice rink is perfectly suited to the location.


From skates in all sizes to knee and elbow pads and helmets, we have everything you need for a safe and fun ice time.


We can help you use the ice rink as a PR tool by using the boards to market advertising space.


ICE-TEC has been taking care of the complete logistics of ice rinks from delivery to dismantling for 20 years.

Prices of the various mobile Ice Rinks

The price of a skating rink varies depending on the size and on the services you want to use. We offer both new and used ice rinks for rent and sale. In addition, you can choose between wood and polyethylene as a material for the boards.

Ice Rink

New with Boards of Polyethylene

New with Boards of Wood

Used with Boards of Polyethylene

Used with Boards of Wood

Rental (no VaT)

22.000€ - 35.000€

19.000€ - 30.000€

19.000€ - 30.000€

17.000€ - 30.000€

Sales (no VaT)

29.000€ - 50.000€

23.000€ - 40.000€

23.000€ - 40.000€

19.000€ - 35.000€

Professionelle Ice Skater

We always keep you updated with the latest news about our ice rinks.

Eislaufbahn im Freien

Have a look at some of the projects we did in the past and some of our current ice-rinks.


We are a family company and work directly and on a trusful basis with all our clients.

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