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Dancing on Ice in Bukarest!

In the 2020/2021 season, the big "Dancing on Ice" event took place in Bucharest. Based on the successful British TV show, a true spectacle was offered on one of our ice rinks. Our Romanian partner Perfect Ice had invited numerous spectators to one of its excellent ice rinks to experience the art of figure skating.

The show was a true firework of graceful movements, breathtaking jumps and colourful costumes. The figure skaters presented their skills at the highest level and thrilled the audience with each of their performances. It was an amazing sight to see them gliding across the ice with ease, captivating every spectator.

The couple interludes were particularly impressive, with the dancers throwing each other into the air and delivering perfectly coordinated choreographies on the ice. It was a joy to see how the artists connected with each other and delivered a breathtaking performance together.

The audience celebrated the show with much applause and applause and were thrilled with what they saw on the ice. It was an unforgettable evening that everyone present will not soon forget.

We would like to thank Perfect Ice for the great cooperation and look forward to more successful events together. We can't wait for the next "Dancing on Ice" event!

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