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Behind the scenes of John Wick 4: A film scene on ice

Production on John Wick 4 is in full swing and the film crew recently shot an exciting scene on ice. To create the ice location, we worked closely with our Czech partner to create a safe and realistic ice background.

The shoot took place in Prague where Keanu Reeves, the lead actor of John Wick, took to the ice with the rest of the film crew. The scene required a high level of concentration and precision from the actors as they had to perform various fight scenes on the slippery surface.

To create the real effect of ice, we provided a small ice rink. Together with the appropriate lighting design and props, the film team was able to create a scene that transported the viewer into a shiny and icy world.

It was an exciting project for our team as it gave us the opportunity to showcase our expertise and experience in ice production. We are proud to be involved in such a high profile film project.

We would like to thank our Czech partners for the excellent cooperation and also the entire John Wick 4 film team for the trust they have placed in us. We are excited to see the finished scene on the big screen and hope it will excite the audience as much as it did us!

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